The Chief Joseph Hatchery Program
2014 APR

The first day of this year’s meeting was set aside to present results from 2013 activities and to discuss what we’ve learned. We reviewed our monitoring and evaluation designs, habitat restoration efforts, harvest regimes and our fish culture and production operations. The goal of the APR was to increase the overall scientific rigor and effectiveness of the programs that inform management decisions. The decision procedures used in the APR included thousands of modeled calculations and statistical analysis. Integrated steps required development and adaptation for key assumptions and biological targets and enabled the use of learned knowledge. The APR also supported the refinement and implementation of the entire Colville Tribes’ Anadromous Division activities. Areas of presentation emphasis ranged from research, monitoring and evaluation data collections and analysis, to fish population and harvest monitoring, adult fish management, and habitat restoration and ecosystem status and trend conditions. All contributed to in-depth discussions at the annual meeting and its subsequent workshops. The CCT’s Fish and Wildlife Program hosted the meeting, and it was led by the CJHP Science Program.

2014 APR Presentations

Columbia River Treaty Watershed Dams

BY 2014 Hatchery Production Plan

2014 APR Summary

Chief Joseph Hatchery Annual Program Planning Tool (APPT)

Chief Joseph Hatchery At a Glance

Chief Joseph Hatchery Project Map

CJH Management Matrix

General Information Sheet

Overview of the CJH ISIT Tool

2014 Annual Program Review Agenda