The Chief Joseph Hatchery Program
2015 APR

In 2015 the Colville Tribes hosted a one-day meeting and one-day workshop for the Chief Joseph Hatchery Program (CJHP) to review and present findings from the previous year and plan for the upcoming fish production, harvest and science monitoring cycle. The first day of the meeting was set aside to present results from 2014 activities and to discuss what we learned. We reviewed our monitoring and evaluation results, harvest regimes and fish culture and production operations. The second day was a technical work session for Tribal staff responsible for program implementation. This was a formal planning session for the upcoming 2015 fish production and research, monitoring and evaluation cycle. The purpose of the work session was to develop a detailed action plan that outlines staff assignments, deliverables, and timelines.

The goal of the APR was to inform the funding entities, fish co-managers, and stakeholders of CJH related activities and to increase the overall scientific defensibility and effectiveness of the programs that inform management decisions. In addition, we reviewed and discussed key assumptions and biological targets for the program in the coming year. Areas of presentation included research, monitoring and evaluation, fish population and harvest monitoring, adult fish management, and fish production. All contributed to integrated discussions at the APR.

2015 APR Presentations

2015 APR Information Packet

BY 2015 Hatchery Production Plan