The Chief Joseph Hatchery Program
Annual Program Review

The Chief Joseph Hatchery Annual Program Review

    At each year’s Chief Joseph Hatchery Program (CHJP) annual meeting and review (APR), the Colville Tribes staff works collectively with the region’s natural resource experts, scientists and stakeholders to present how fish production and monitoring plans are developed. The decision procedures used in the APR includes thousands of modeled calculations and statistical analysis. Integrated steps require development and adaptation for key assumptions and biological targets and enable the use of learned knowledge. The APR also supports the refinement and implementation of the entire Colville Tribes’ Anadromous Division activities. Areas of presentation emphasis range from research, monitoring and evaluation data collections and analysis, to fish population and harvest monitoring, adult fish management, and habitat restoration and ecosystem status and trend conditions. All contribute to in-depth discussions at the annual meeting and its subsequent workshops. The CCT’s Fish and Wildlife Program host the meeting, and it is led by the CJHP Science Program. Typically, approximately thirty science and policy participants attend the first two days of the meeting and over sixty collaborators are involved in the APR.

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